Jim Fulton wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote:
I'll note, FWIW, that we don't do installs from Zope 3 checkouts.

Yes, this is understood.

I think it's worth asking whether this is an important requirement.

Perhaps more generally, how important is it that the repository reflects the released version of the software, and how close can we get? First we'd need to agree on at least the principle that a checkout is ideally equivalent to a kind of 'sumo release' of Zope that includes everything, and builds as such, and acts like such a release.

I realize that reaching such a point practically may be hard, just wondering if we can at least get some agreement on the ideal situation.

If it is, then we should make it work.  Question is, is it worth
delaying the release?  I don't know.

It's not worth delaying the release, if at least in the release the dance continues to work, which I understand it does (and certainly did for the beta).

I do think it's important though, but nothing is worth delaying the release and I expect fixing this would shake up things.

If we did stay with the current situation, we'd need to cleanup the
documentation so that a developer can easily reminder herself
what she can do and how to do it.

Yes, an obscure error is not very helpful, and I already know of several people who ran into it independently. Now there's this thread that people can find, but that won't be the case in the future...

It'd be best the error message was a bit more clear, if at all possible, though I can imagine reaching that would also be hard. People won't be looking into the docs very quickly when they run into an obscure error, as this works with a release and you'd expect it to work with a checkout too -- this is an expectation people get from other projects.


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