As you might know I worked on the integration of the Zope 3 ZPT implementation for Zope 2.10. Before commiting the changes to the trunk I would like discuss my approach for Zope 2.10

 - the ZopePageTemplate and PageTemplateFile classes will be replaced
   with wrapper classes around corresponding Zope 3 classes (no changes
   to the API, the existing unittest do pass with the wrappers)

 - the wrapper implementations store the content as Python unicode strings.
   The encoding of the content must be specified when creating/uploading
   new instances (either through the ZMI or through the 'encoding'
   parameters  of the constructors). If the content is XML-ish then the
   encoding is taken from the XML preamble (defaults to utf8)

- the ZMI screens for ZPTs use a _fixed_ UTF-8 encoding (is this also fine
   for asian users?)

 - deprecation of _all_ other methods, modules etc. from
   Products/PageTemplates (removal in 2.12 except of the wrapper classes)

 - deprecation of the TAL module (removal in 2.12)


 - The ZPublisher will convert a 'unicode' ZPT using
   default_zpublisher_encoding (zope.conf) to a byte stream. The current
   encoding is iso-8859-15. I think it would make sense to change it to
utf8. Otherwise we must explicitly set the content-type with charset=utf8 set. Thoughts?

ToDo: in-place conversion of persistent ZPT instance through setstate() or so...


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