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On the subject of deprecation, for the record, I think removing
ZClasses is a mistake.  They have legitimate uses.

I don't think that ZClasses have real use in the current Zope world except for legacy code.

There are lots of people who have good uses for ZClasses for
quick one-off projects.  I've heard from some of them.

> Most people with a solid background write
filesystem-based code.

There are lots of people who use Zope who don't fit this
definition.  I care about these people. :)


Through-the-web scripters can write their applications using ZPT, Python scripts etc.

No, they also need to be able to create simple content types.

Only ppl with legacy code or ppl unwilling to migrate their apps to a filesystem-based implementation are still using ZClasses. None of us is announcing ZClasses as solution to develop wit Zope.

ZClasses are not a good solution for developing products or
complex applications requiring maintenance. They are a
reasonable solution for quick one-off apps.


When I proposed the deprecation of ZClasses almost all vote were pro-deprecation votes.

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention and when I got wind of it, I
didn't speak up.  The discussion about XML export reminded me that
I wanted to mention something.

Do we need something better? Can't ppl solve their problems with the solutions mentioned above?

I think we need a good "scripting" story for non developers.  A better
story might look nothing like ZClasses. It might not even be TTW,
but I hate to toss ZClasses until we have something better.

Your time and our time is very much limited.


> We should spend this time
on useful Zope projects and not in supporting ancient concepts that don't help the majority of the Zope developers.

If the only things we can support are things that I can work on, we are
in big trouble.  I can help out with really deep things.  There are
some shallow things that could be done, like writing docs and removing
harmful features, which should be UI work.  You are right, If no one
but me is willing to do any work on them, they should probably go.
That would be a shame, IMO.


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