Florent Guillaume wrote at 2006-6-14 22:48 +0200:
>On 14 Jun 2006, at 22:06, Dieter Maurer wrote:
>> Florent Guillaume wrote at 2006-6-13 22:13 +0200:
>>> Yes but the deprecation has been there for a while, and the third
>>> party product developers have been ignoring the warning. Their loss.
>> Interestingly, it is usually not the loss for the third party product
>> developers (as they usually gain nothing from their products) --
>> but for the people using the product.
>When users repeatedly bitch to the developer because a product  
>doesn't work with a newer Zope version, it's a loss of time for the  
>developer. He would have gained time by doing the correction in  
>advance of the users discovering the problem.

I will send back a standard response saying: blame Zope for
removing "cosmetic annoyances" and thereby breaking third party

> ...
>Being interested in improving the  
>framework means that we have to work with it, and it's better to work  
>with something clean than with something that has accumulated years  
>and years of cruft.

Are you sure that removing about a dozen lines for the tiny
"zLOG" wrapper or about as many lines for the "methods" feature
really contributes much to cleaning up years of cruft?

On the other hand, it forces much bigger changes in third party
(and Zope) code

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