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Chris Withers wrote:
yuppie wrote:
    # Support old-style product metadata. Older products may
    # define attributes to name their permissions, meta_types,
    # constructors, etc.
    [followed by the code that interprets the 'methods' attribute]

So 'methods' is BBB code for constructors.

That depends on how you read the above. I'd say "methods" isn't deprecated ;-)

(or, put differently, how do you provide functions needed by an "add" template? Squishdot has a need for this in obtaining a list of the available MailHosts)

If these functions are only required by a specific template there is no need to add them to the global context. You can wrap the add form in a method and pass the functions (or better the result of the functions) as argument to the template. CMF's addConfiguredSiteForm does that e.g.:


If the container allows to use views (by default that is not the case for generic Folders in Zope 2.9) there is a better solution: Use a Five view and add the functions to your view class. The ZCML version of registerClass allows to specify a Five view as add form.



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