Chris Withers wrote:
Lennart Regebro wrote:

So this is not a problem with deprecation period, time based releases
or anything else, then.

No, but the slew of deprecation warnings, proliferation of branches that need to be supported (regardless of whether they're "officially" production or not) and sheer amount of change you now HAVE (rather than 'can choose') to deal with seems a sign, at least to me, that time-based releases were a nice experiment, but maybe it's time to think again?

I disagree completely. I think time based releases were a factor in rescuing at least Zope 2 from complete stagnation. I also think that time based releases have helped getting a lot more Zope 3 to everybody much faster than before. They have encouraged people to actually contribute to the core, as they know the fix or feature will be in there in a few months, at a predictable time, not years in the indefinitey future as it was before. Overall I think time based releases have been overwhelmingly *successful*.

And yes, porting applications to new releases takes time and is frequently painful. If the alternative is stagnation or having to write code against old APIs that I know have better alternatives somewhere in subversion but don't know when they'll ever get released, I'll gladly take that pain.

That said, of course things have to be done carefully. Stick with the release policy we all should be following anyway: don't deprecate anything in a bugfix release. Carefully consider backwards compatibility. Back out of changes that are too damaging.

I'm curious to hear what alternative you'd prefer. I didn't like the old release "policy" much: from 2.6 to 2.7 took over a year and a half. The alpha for 2.7 was released almost a *year* before 2.7 was finally released. It then took a year for 2.8 to be released. Nobody knew what was going to happen when, and Zope 2 development was pretty stagnant for huge spans of time (not discounting the wonderful work that *was* done in that period). People were building piles of framework code on top of Zope that should've gone into the core where we could all share it, but people avoided the core.

Now, Zope 2 is alive again.



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