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I believe the Hippocratic Oath should be followed in subjective cases like this. "First, do no harm."

Cruft does harm. It discourages people who want to understand and improve Zope. And it encourages people to stick to bad coding habits.

As far as "methods" goes, I call bullshit on this. Simple documentation of what "methods" is used for probably would have sufficed...

This is how 'methods' is documented in OFS.Application::

    # Look for an 'initialize' method in the product. If it does
    # not exist, then this is an old product that has never been
    # updated. In that case, we will analyze the product and
    # build up enough information to do initialization manually.
    # Support old-style product metadata. Older products may
    # define attributes to name their permissions, meta_types,
    # constructors, etc.
    [followed by the code that interprets the 'methods' attribute]

So 'methods' is BBB code for constructors. Other use cases might work, but they were never officially supported. Note that using 'methods' was already 'old-style' 6 years ago.

Why do you want to have special support for monkey patching Folder? Which use cases justify to pollute the Folder API in that way?

This is Zope 2, namespace polution is _not_ something that's going to get fixed...

There were many attempts to fix this and the pollution would be much worse without those attempts. 'methods' was replaced by 'registerClass' to give constructors their own namespace: manage_addProduct.



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