[Andreas Jung]
I think we should make another internal ZODB release. The current
svn:externals for the ZODB (and other modules) use a revision number
instead of a tag. This reminds me of some former discussion whether to use
revision numbers or tags...what was the result of this discussion. I am
very much in favor of using tag names...revision number tell you
nothing...provide at least a reasonable version information...opinions?

The things people complain about sometimes astonish me -- just as the
things I complain about sometimes astonish others :-)

I used tags for ZODB until I gave in to complaints about that, and
switched to using revision numbers.  The real complaint about using a
tagged external is that when the tag changes, SVN isn't smart enough
to do an incremental update.  Instead, when you update after an
external tag changes:

- It wholly deletes you current checkout of the external.
 If non-version-controlled files (like .pyc) happen to be sitting in
 the directories, this leaves behind useless "OLD" directories.

- It does a complete checkout of the new tag.
 This generally takes more time.
 And forces a recompile too even if no C code in the external has
 actually changed,

It's true that changing an external revision number instead suffers
none of those drawbacks.    Like I cared ;-)
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