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    Just a quick side note.

    Many "deprecation sign for any user" are clearly signs that Zope
developers are unable to maintain certain Zope features. This is bad,
specially for guys that have to manage large, complex and long time running zope installations ( think years ). And a "no sir, next app!" for guys like us who have to choose opensource development platforms for the long run (
again: think years ).

Well, though nothing is perfect in Zope world, I think we are quite
good in having a policy about deprecation which already gives a
guaranteed timelime for deprecation.
I wanted to find a deprecation policy for eclipse and JBoss to
compare. For JBoss i did not find such a thing, for eclipse I did not
find a eclipse framework one, but one for some sub projects:

and somehow this popped up in the eclipse search result:

Notice especially how they mention that a deprecation phase can be days.
So for me it looks we are actually a bit ahead of the competition, but
maybe somebody can correct me.

Accidently I lately tripped over an article from Martin Fowler about this topic:

I think we use Interfaces in Z3 to "publish" Methods. So "maybe" it
makes sense to have a smaller core API with longer deprecation
periods, so that standard projects can try to rely on core API with
long deprecation phase and extender would use the one year deprecation
phase. But as I said earlier, I think we are quite ahead already.

I guess the motivation of this API stability discussion is also
motivated by JMOs comment about how much more stable is the Java API,
in Point 2 and 3 of this entry:

But it is not fair to compare the stability of a programming language
standard modules API with a application framework api. But maybe I am
not good in searching and somebody points me to the well thought out
JBoss or Websphere deprecation policy

best regards,


Everyone deprecates stuff, this is not the question. But what is marked as 'stable', 'official' or 'standard' may not be deprecated in the same way as something that is still under development or private. It is more a question of defining and maintaining a contract with API users than a question of technicalities (how often to deprecate, what version numbers to use, how to inform...)

This is all about defining and maintaining a social contract with the user. No one prevents you from deprecating parts of an API that is marked as being "under development" or "private" -- as long as you say it from the start.

Check out for instance: especially the chapter "Life-cycle of an API"

What is unclear in zope is what is "official", what is "stable", what is still "under development", etc. It seems that all the different packages have the same status, or rather that they have no status. Apart from the packages that were added recently (zc. ...) there is no information in the repository about the quality of the different APIs. There are no version numbers on the packages either so I don't know what is alpha, beta, or final. It gives the impression that the framework is stable, but not mature.

I'd expect that the API defined in the '' files for instance are 'official' in the sense that there is a commitment that the API is ready and that it won't change until the next major version, but I doubt that this is understood by everyone putting stuff into these files.

in Java, you can mark a class as 'final', meaning that no one will be able to subclass it, or methods can be marked as 'private'. Abstract classes can specify the methods that must be implemented. Also if a class says that it implements an interface it has to implement it otherwise the code won't compile.

Again this is all about defining contracts.

Considering the standard JBoss modules, there is no way to compare with zope really since they strive to implement the specifications thoroughly (EJB3, JSR-168, ...) and the APIs are final already, so they don't change.

For other modules (e.g. Seam) users are fully aware that parts of the specs may change. For more mature modules such as Hibernate, I am not aware that the API changes between minor versions.

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