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Lennart Regebro said the following on 10/02/2006 11:16 AM:
> On 10/2/06, Olavo Santos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>     Many "deprecation sign for any user" are clearly signs that Zope
>> developers are unable to maintain certain Zope features.
> No they are not.

Technically that is correct.

Socially, as in "how others, eg,. mere users an developers of zope-based
applications" *perceive* things, then it may very well be as Olavo S
puts it.

Especially when it comes to strategic decisions, eg. choosing
development platform.

I have no solution on how to solve this "problem", though, but I think
we should be aware of it.

The deprecations are indeed a sign that things are changing. This does
in some way, indeed mean that the platform is unstable. Not as in
"buggy", but as "rapidaly changing". Zope3 is therefore rapidly
changing, and maybe even more so if you use it through Zope2 (ie

However, Zope2 in itself is NOT having very many deprecations, and is
therefore NOT an unstable platform from this point of view. They only
ones I can think of is the introduction of events instead of
manage_afterAdd and such, and that is a VAST improvement over the
previous situation, and backwards compatibility exist, and the much
debated deprecation of zLOG.

Neitehr of these were in any way a sign that anybody was unable to
maintain features, and can simply not be reasonably (mis)interpreted
as such.

There HAVE been two signs of features not being able to be maintained,
and those signs were both breakage. Breakage of ZODB version support,
and breakage of ZClasses. Don't mix up deprecations with that.
Deprecation are signs that things are moving fast, and is not a sign
of lack of maintainance.

Think of deprecations as a rerouting to another newly built road,
while the lack of maintenance means that the road have holes in it. :)
Too many newly build roads means drivers may get lost, and I think we
ended up there in Zope3/Five, changes were too fast and too big, but
done out of necessity. Zope2 has NOT experienced that.

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