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Oops! Sorry! I did not mean to cause any confusion:

- AFAICT the 2.10 branch points already to the 3.3.0 tag.


However Philipp pointed out that the Zope 2 trunk uses the Zope 3 trunk right now. I pointed the reasons for using the Zope 3 trunk in a former posting.

I guess you mean 3.3 branch HEAD, not Zope 3 trunk HEAD.

My argument for using the trunk instead of a fixed revision/tag is: when we develop against the trunk or implement something on the trunk then we want to be sure that the code also works with the latest Zope 3 changes.
Otherwise something might break when we update the svn:exernals to latest
Zope 3 changes at some time before an upcoming major release. So I would prefer that things break early than late. However as seen this approach has other side-effects..but I am open to let the svn:externals point to tags
if you want that...

Well. I would prefer if there would be somebody who volunteers to test Zope 2 every now and then with the latest Zope 3 revision.

If he or she makes sure all tests pass, the svn:externals can be updated to that revision.

In the long run the issues have to be resolved anyway, so doing this step by step would not be much extra work. And we could avoid to do big last minute changes right before the release.

Pointing the svn:externals to the HEAD might encourage people to volunteer for fixing the issues, but I'm afraid a broken HEAD also discourages people to contribute other changes.

Just my 2 cents.



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