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Jim Fulton wrote:
Ian Bicking wrote:
What I would *like* the distinction between workingenv and buildout to be is that workingenv is interactive (i.e., install with easy_install) and buildout is declarative (i.e., specify your environment with buildout.cfg).
Well said. I was looking for a way to bring this up in the discussion.
This is a key difference.
When you use workingenv, how to you reproduce an existing
workingenv? Is there something you can check in and later
check out to get the same workingenv?  Or is this just not in

Maybe it should be out of scope, but I have built something into
workingenv for it.  You specify a file or URL with --requirements, a
text file of things to install. You can also indicate --find-links and
--editable in the file, as well as refer to another requirements file.
The files look like:

  # Adds several eggs and links that aren't on PyPI:
  -f http://pylonshq.com/download/0.8.2/

Then it will install all these packages.  You might then put this at
http://svn.myrepo.org/svn/projects/pylons_project.txt and then create
another like:

  -r http://svn.myrepo.org/svn/projects/pylons_project.txt
  -f http://svn.myrepo.org/svn/projects/project_index.html
  -e MyProject

This would set up the basic Pylons environment, but also add an editable version of MyProject into src/, including activating the file. (Notably
MyProject *should* require Pylons and the other packages, seemingly
rendering the pylons_project.txt useless, but probably *shouldn't*
require exactly Pylons==0.8.2 because then you'd have to break that
requirement to even test if such an exacting requirement was actually true.)

So this is a bit like the buildout configuration file.


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