Martin Aspeli wrote:
whit wrote:

actually, in my current workplace, workingenv is the standard way to set up one's dev environment. but in the context of the previous statement, familar is perhaps a better word.

I'm still not clear how widely used workingenv is? Is it "officially endorsed" anywhere else?

It steps more lightly than buildout does. It's also mostly equivalent in mechanism to virtual-python, which is used quite widely. Both use setuptools conventions more closely than buildout does. It would be nice if I could say "then you get access to all the setuptools-related management tools", except there are almost none :( But if they *did* exist you'd get access to them ;)

Build stuff seems surprisingly contentious. The debate around setuptools itself has always been far more difficult than it should be; there's a lot of stop energy. So the Python community as a whole is moving very slowly on this stuff.


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