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Andreas Jung wrote:

perhaps the sun burned too long on my brain today but I investigated
some  options for replacing DateTime with Python's datetime module. Zope
3 uses datetime and we all know that the DateTime implementation sucks.
Especially  the timezone implementation has a bunch of problems (count
the bugtracker  issues related to timezone errors).

We can not get rid of the DateTime class and its API for backward
compatibility reasons.

The DateTime class remains in place and uses an instance attribute to
represent the original value of a DateTime object as instance of
datetime. Calls to the old DateTime API are proxied to corresponding
calls of the datetime API (or emulated)

Efforts so far:
I have some quick-and-dirty implementation that can construct the
datetime instance directly within the DateTime constructor and when
loading an object from the ZODB (using a custom __setstate__()
implementation...could be used for an on-the-fly migration). This seems
to  work properly. For timezone related issues I am using pytz. However
there  is a problem with using pytz: the timezone names supported by
pytz are  sometimes different from the standard one. E.g. 'GMT+0400' is
represented  in pytz as '/Etc/GMT+0400'...however that seems to be

Before digging deeper I would like to hear some opinions if this seems a
reasonable approach? Unlikely that we can achieve 100% backward
compatibility but possibly 99%....thoughts...comments?

I'm generally in favor of this, but only if we eggify the *current*
DateTime implementation such that people who rely on the incompatible
behavior can specify the older version.

Jup, but eggification would likely be the last (and possibly the most easy)
step :-)

Note that a lot of the code in DateTime is the constructor DWIM, which
datetime completely lacks (in fact, the lack of a string-to-datetime
parser in the standard library is a major pain).  That DWIM *must*
remain in place, even in the new version, as too much application code
depends on it.

DWIM? The conversion to datetime happens in my place after calling _parse_args() which is a big pita code...if you mean this...yes, I would
_never_ touch it.


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