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Hi Malthe

Betreff: Re: [Checkins] SVN: z3c.jbot/ Initial import.

But I also have a question. Should we not use another namspace for Zope packages which depend on Five or other packages then zope.* or z3c.*?
The package makes no assumptions that Five is available, but there are tests for a scenario where it is.

Thanks, sounds good to me if it's only for testing.

Except that if those tests are only run after manual intervention (i.e., after editing something in the checkout or environment), then if a hapless contributor can check out z3c.jbot, make changes, run the tests (and they all pass), and check in the changes and those changes may have broken the parts of the code that only are tested if Five is around.

These sorts of situations are where "works out of the box" testing really helps.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how these tests are set up.
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