Ignas Mikalajunas wrote:
[REST in Grok]
In SchoolTool we used to start another server for REST to have a
different Publication for REST calls. As now I have started using
Paste to start up schooltool, and paste does not support 2 Zope3
servers running on different ports using the same WSGI application (at
least i don't know how to do that in paste.ini) I have opted for a
brute force solution - URL based dispatch in the
SchoolToolWSGIApplication code that switches between publications and
request types before Zope3 has a chance to pick the wrong set.

So instead of 2 servers for both applications now i have 1 WSGI
server, and a weird kind of midleware that selects the right
application (while both applications share the component registry and
ZODB). I kind of like it that way, I could even give the freedom for
the user to select the REST url prefix that he likes/wants to have,
just like he could configure the port of the REST server.

In Grok there's no WSGI setup necessary to do REST. I like it that way at present. Perhaps the WSGI route will start to make more sense once that matures significantly. Grok will do its bit to help mature the WSGI way, but until then I'm not convinced your approach is the easiest way? It sounds like quite a bit of additional setup is required compared to just writing REST views.



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