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> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] Re: buildout 'versions' and 'develop' conflict


> > I think the explicit versus implicit discussion has no place here. 
> > Placing a package on the 'develop' line is a very explicit 
> action, and 
> > you place it on that line because you want to *develop on 
> it*. Having 
> > another package being picked up is surprising.
> OTOH it makes you aware about potential version mismatches 
> very early, because you try to develop on a package that 
> doesn't seem to be supported by that particular buildout. So 
> maybe you, for example actually wanted/should increase the 
> version number.

This is what really confuses me. Probably I don't understand 
what all others are thinking about develop externals.

I can't see a use case for develop externals which do not
need to add an explicit version at the same time.

Is it really possible to use develop externals without
to adjust versions? If so, then you are probably all right.
But if not then it's just a double definition which makes 
no sense at all.

btw, what happens to packages which I add as develop externals
which are not listed in an index. I guess they behave very 
different, right?

For me it's still very simple like for Martijn. If you develop
it's an explicit task and later if you are ready, you have to 
think about release and deployment. Then comes the right time to
think about versions and compatibility to other versions.

Roger Ineichen

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