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Christian Theune wrote:
Martijn Faassen schrieb:
It's a clear DRY violation, the name of the package (and even the version number) repeats here.
It's not clear to me that it's a DRY violation (see my argument that those functions are actually orthogonal).
The rule for the most common use case is now:

If you want to develop a package, add it to 'develop' *and* create a versions section if it doesn't exist, let the 'versions' line in [buildout] point to it, and add the "package_name = " to it.

I see a repetition in the package name here. You list it in two places. I think that's a DRY violation given that wanting a package listed in develop to be picked up is the most common use case.

That highly depends on how you work. I normally do not pin to exact
revisions but to ranges, which work just fun with dev eggs.

I'm confused. How do you work with ranges in a versions section? I'm talking about this construction:

develop = my_package
versions = some_release

my_package = 3

I didn't realize you could work with ranges there?

If you don't want to pin something - remove the pin. Don't expect
something to magically make your pin go away.

I do want to pin everything but the packages I'm presently developing.

Do you want your 'develop' packages to be picked up if there's a released version of the package available somewhere, and your ranges allow both to be picked up equally, by the way?



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