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Christian Theune wrote:

Stephan Richter schrieb:
On Saturday 23 February 2008, Jim Fulton wrote:
The additional version specification should be merged into the extends version section. The version "1.3.1dev" is the version the develop egg specifies.
Yes. That's how it works now.

Cool, then I think the behavior is correct. I think it is merely a matter of communicating that things work this way.

I agree.

Shame on you, Christian, are you a Grok developer? :)

Too little in the last time, I suppose. ;)

It's a clear DRY violation, the name of the package (and even the version number) repeats here.

It's not clear to me that it's a DRY violation (see my argument that those functions are actually orthogonal).

When applying DRY we still need to beware that we don't lock out combinations that are currently possible/helpful.

This means we should not be satisfied with the response of communication if there's a way to fix this. There are two ways to fix this:

* change 'develop'. It's clear this one is out. People like its current behavior. I'm surprised not more people were surprised than me, but I guess I'm just as smart as most people. :)

Again, I was surprised by this, but thinking about it and understanding what's going on I think I like it the way it is. I agree that we need to make it easier to understand and let people be less surprised.

* add a new option, 'really_develop', that adds the thing to [versions] and to the develop path at the same time.

I really (pun semi-intended) don't like that name, but the idea seems attractive.

I experimented with recipes that change other recipes' configuration at run-time, but had a bad experience because of the part-ordering that prevents this, otherwise I'd say you could use a recipe for simpler declaration of develop eggs. That would make you type more in each buildout, though.


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