Benji York wrote at 2008-3-10 13:03 -0400:
>Wichert Akkerman wrote:
>> Indeed, and for that reason this can't be said enough. Doctests are
>> useful to create testable documentation. They are not the right tool to
>> create isolated, debuggable tests.
>Not everyone agrees with this assertion.  I for one vastly prefer both
>to read and write "unity" doctests over classic unit tests.  And as 
>"doctests everywhere" is the current status quo for just about the 
>entire code base, I would expect a very convincing argument to be 
>required to change.

Looks at the ZODB tests. They make heavy use of multiple inheritance
to compose test classes out of component test classes
and use the same tests e.g. for "FileStorage" as well as for "ZEO" tests.

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