Malthe Borch wrote:
On 07/04/2008, Chris Withers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 I'd certainly be up for championing making RestrictedPython available as a
seperate project. Has anyone done any work towards this or should I go ahead
and get a project / bug tracker / etc set up at Launchpad?

RestrictedPython depends only on zope.testing.

...and I'll bet that's only to run the tests, so should be removed as a "hard" dependency

 Also, do we have any clarity on whether or not RestrictedPython works in
Python 2.5? I thought that was the one big nasty that didn't get done in
last years GSoC project...

valga:~/co/RestrictedPython mborch$ python2.5
Creating directory '/Users/mborch/co/RestrictedPython/bin'.
Creating directory '/Users/mborch/co/RestrictedPython/parts'.
Creating directory '/Users/mborch/co/RestrictedPython/develop-eggs'.
Generated script '/Users/mborch/co/RestrictedPython/bin/buildout'.
valga:~/co/RestrictedPython mborch$ bin/buildout
Develop: '/Users/mborch/co/RestrictedPython/.'
Unused options for buildout: 'download-directory'.
Installing interpreter.
Generated interpreter '/Users/mborch/co/RestrictedPython/bin/python'.
Installing test.
Generated script '/Users/mborch/co/RestrictedPython/bin/test'.
valga:~/co/RestrictedPython mborch$ bin/test
Running unit tests:
  Ran 42 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 0.412 seconds.
valga:~/co/RestrictedPython mborch$

Really? Cool, I could have sworn that never got done. Thanks, you just made my day :-)

Now, does anyone want me to set up a Launchpad project for this?
How do I go about building a Python 2.5 egg and/or a Python 2.5 windows binary installer?



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