I just looked over this and fixed one test failure in Five. In general
all tests pass now, when run from the eggified Zope in:


I guess that the zope.testbrowser problems are a mix of test
interdependencies and maybe a differing mechanize version. The eggified
Zope2 does not run tests for its dependencies but only for itself, so a
lot less tests are run.

Secondly the normal Zope2 trunk pulls in mechanize as a SVN checkout
from the Zope repository. The eggified version has a normal egg
dependency and pulls in the later mechanize 0.1.9. I have no idea what
version that mechanize in our SVN is actually.

Tres Seaver wrote:
> Any chance you can get these worked out?  I looked at the Products.Five
> tests today, with the following observations:
>  - Not as many tests fail if I run '-s Products.Five' as when I run the
>    whole set:  in particular, the first two in 'aqlegacy_ftest.txt'
>   ('HTTPError', 'falcon.pt' not called) don't occur.
>  - The next 'aqlegacy_ftest.txt' failure is because the content provider
>    is not being acquisition wrapped.  The remaining failure is likely
>    due to the same cause (it is on the following line).

This was caused by a change by Malthe, who forgot to update the tests.
Fixed now.

>  - All the failing tests in Products.Five come from code which relies
>    on zope.testbrowser, via the Products.Five.testbrowser shim.
>  - The first failing zope.testbrowser test (README.txt line 1162) seems
>    to be due to a change somewhere which contradicts the comment just
>    below the example:  "Here, the body is left in place because it isn't
>    form data."
>  - The testing requirements for zope.testbrowser itself are really
>    snarled up:  it pulls in basically all of Zope3.

As Benji figured out, these are really hard to trim down. I think it
will cost us some more month of work before we have the zope.app
dependency soup cleaned up, if we ever get there at all.


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