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Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> Hi Tres,
> On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 1:12 PM, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> My hypothesis is that one or more of the 'svn:externals' changes Sidnei
>> made to bring in 2.6-compatible packages is the culprit (maybe an
>> interaction between several of them).  I am attaching readable diff for
>> each of 'lib/python', 'lib/python/zope', and 'lib/python/zope/app'.
>> As an aside / vent:  the reason for the now-removed EXTERNALS.txt files
>> was to keep the canonical information about the externals in a diffable
>> file:  why subversion can't do a proper diff on its own line-oriented
>> property is beyond me.  Another benefit of an EXTERNALS.txt file was
>> that it could be inspected in the web view of a directory, which isn't
>> true for the svn:externals property itself.
> I agree with your analysis: it is certainly related to the changes in
> externals, but maybe not for the reason you think! Last I looked at
> this, I found out that the failing zope.testbrowser test did not exist
> in the previous version of zope.testbrowser that we were pulling as
> externals. So I think that means we are missing an upgrade to some
> external that makes zope.testbrowser tests work when run standalone.
> That's just my feeling though, and I don't have much right now to back
> this claim.

(CC'ing the newsgroup).

OK, so the buildout.cfg for zope.testbrowser 3.5.1 (the version now
linked into the Zope trunk) has:

 mechanize = 0.1.9
 setuptools = 0.6c9
 zope.testbrowser =
 zope.publisher = 3.5.1
 zope.app.publication = 3.4.2

The version of zope.app.publication linked into the Zope trunk is 3.5.0
(bumped from 3.4.3).  However, zope.app.publication is not listed as any
kind of dependency in either version's setup.py.  In fact, it isn't
imported (or referenced in ZCML) anywhere other than in the buildout.cfg :(.

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