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Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Hi.
> I just looked over this and fixed one test failure in Five.

I will trust that stubbing out the assertions in the 'update' method
(revision 93450) is the Right Thing (TM).

> In general all tests pass now, when run from the eggified Zope in:
> svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/Zope2.buildout/trunk
> I guess that the zope.testbrowser problems are a mix of test
> interdependencies and maybe a differing mechanize version. The eggified
> Zope2 does not run tests for its dependencies but only for itself, so a
> lot less tests are run.
> Secondly the normal Zope2 trunk pulls in mechanize as a SVN checkout
> from the Zope repository. The eggified version has a normal egg
> dependency and pulls in the later mechanize 0.1.9. I have no idea what
> version that mechanize in our SVN is actually.

I just vendor imported mechanize 0.1.9 into the Zope SVN, and have
changed the svn:external in my Z2 trunk checkout to point to it.  I then
made a separate tree and vendor imported ClientForm 0.2.9, including
hacking on the faked-out package we are using to support svn:externals,
and switched the external to point to it.

At this point, the 'aqlegacy_ftest' doctest still fails in my trunk
sandbox, as does the 'zope.testborwser.README' doctest.

I am therefore not checking in my svn:externals changes just yet.

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