Nowadays, when we have a fully egg-based setup, the translations in
the package make no sense anymore as it's very hard
to maintain them and it just wrong (to me at least) to have a separate
centralized translations package for a hundred of eggs.

The zope.i18n >= 3.5.0 have a feature of merging multiple message
catalogs registered for the same domain. So we have two options here:

 a) Continue use the "zope" translation domain for all packages and
make each package provide own message catalog to be merged into "zope"

 b) Make every package provide its own translation domain. So say
zope.container will have and register its own domain named

Either option is fine with me, however b) helps to avoid msgid
clashes, whle a) allows us to reuse msgids.

I'd like to hear community opinion on that and after we decide which
option to choose I volunteer to migrate current
translations to every egg that have msgids, previously translated by However, that's kinda pain in the ass and I'll
gladly accept any help on that. :-)

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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