Martijn Faassen wrote:
> The main problem I have with the zope publication machinery is that
> after all these years of using it I *still* get lost in it regularly.
> A more regular architecture that can be traced more easily would not
> only allow better understanding on my part, but might also allow us to
> more easily selectively replace or remove bits of it.

+1.  As I recall, we tried to build a regular architecture in 
zope.publisher using the IPublication interface, but the publisher 
machinery is still painfully difficult to understand without extensive 

I think a pipeline design will make the publisher a lot easier for 
everyone to understand because the pipeline design seems to keep 
concerns closer together.  For example, I've made a "traversal" module 
in zope.pipeline which has nearly all of the traversal logic in one 
place and almost nothing else.  Its code came from at least 4 scattered 
modules.  Now, in theory, when people want to understand traversal, they 
will usually only need to understand one module.


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