Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I see no useful different between x.y and x.y.z here. All I want is if
> someone installs one of our packages that package will work as expected.
> If a package will only work with a certain revisions of a dependent
> package it has to state say.

I do see a useful difference between the two.

x.y is a feature release that might have changed the API or behavior. If 
you rely on this in a version of your package, you will have to indicate 
that this is so.

x.y.z is a bugfix release. If we do it right, there will be no change in 
the API and only small changes in misbehavior. Therefore it seems far 
less likely to me that a package ends *needing* to depend on a minimum 
version. In addition, porting back bugfix releases is far harder.

We should have a good communication channels so that people maintaining 
version lists can be made aware of bugfixes though.

Anyway, I'm closing this discussion for now as we are going to try it 
for feature releases for a while, see how that goes. I've just recorded 
it in the decisions document. It should be a lot better for you than us 
doing nothing, and I'm afraid in the old zope-dev it's what you would've 
gotten. So rejoice! :)



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