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> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
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> > I see no useful different between x.y and x.y.z here. All I want is if
> > someone installs one of our packages that package will work as expected.
> > If a package will only work with a certain revisions of a dependent
> > package it has to state say.
> I do see a useful difference between the two.
> x.y is a feature release that might have changed the API or behavior. If 
> you rely on this in a version of your package, you will have to indicate 
> that this is so.
> x.y.z is a bugfix release. If we do it right, there will be no change in 
> the API and only small changes in misbehavior. Therefore it seems far 
> less likely to me that a package ends *needing* to depend on a minimum 
> version. In addition, porting back bugfix releases is far harder.

If version x.y of package A adds a new feature which requires a feature
in package B, but was broken in B until version d.e.f of that package, I
would expect version x.y of package A to have a dependency on version
d.e.f of package B. Do you agree with that?


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