Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Let's talk about Zope Classic and see whether renaming Zope 2 to that is 
> a step we can realistically take in the near future. Who is in favor of 
> that?


"Zope 2" is an incredibly established name. It's been around forever. 
Renaming something that has been out there for years and years and is 
mentioned in thousands of pages of documentation (including books) is a 
recipe for confusion.

To the outside world, this will sound like renaming for renaming's sake. 
If you look at the companies that have done this with their brand names, 
it's normally a disaster and costs a fortune in marketing to set the 
record straight in people's minds. Don't believe for a moment that the 
common usage in the chatter in cyberspace and real life is going to 
change over night (or even over a few weeks or months) just because it 
is suddenly decreed. It'll be a point of confusion we'll have to deal 
with for years.

Also, if "Zope Framework" is the set of re-usable libraries and "Zope 3" 
is what remains after factoring out this, then the terms "Zope 2" and 
"Zope 3" are probably closer in representation to their original goal. 
Whether "Zope 3" is *successful* in succeeding Zope 2 is another matter.


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