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Hanno Schlichting wrote:

> Lennart Regebro wrote:

>> This is only mildly confusing. It can also only get better with time,
>> as Plone seems to continue away from Zope 2 and onto the framework,
>> which means we in the future may end up with Plone, Grok and BFG being
>> app servers on the Zope Framework.
> The current line of thinking for Plone is about this: Plone 4 will still
> run on Zope2. Plone 5 will run on Python 3.x and not depend on Zope2
> anymore at all. We can all guesstimate on what kind of timeline that
> will mean.

There isn't going to *be* a Zope3 to run on.

> So it's highly likely that Zope 2.12 is the last release of Zope2 that
> Plone is going to use. Maybe a Zope 2.13 once Python 2.7 is released
> might be of interest to Plone. But otherwise I don't see any reason for
> a new Zope 2 feature release anymore from the Plone perspective.

Zope2 is the only game in town, as far as appservers go.

> Plone is going to continue to use selected Zope libraries as everyone
> else, but use Repoze or just general Python packages from all over.
> Personally I want to move Plone from zope.i18n to Babel for example. We
> are not bound by names or frameworks in our package choices.

Note that unless you scrap the entire model of a Plone site as an
application object hosted inside an appserver, you won't have a choice
except to run atop Zope2:  the Z3 appserver is going to be even more
moribund a year from now than it is today.

>> I also think all applications should move over to using repoze by
>> default. BFG already does so, of course, and Plone 4 is set to do so.
>> Hopefully by Zope 2.13, the old publisher can be a horrid memory, and
>> repoze.Zope2 be default.
> I don't know if there's going to be anyone, who is going to drive Zope2
> itself forward into WSGI land.

Z2 is at least *interesting* to work with at this point;  making the Z3
appserver WSGI'fied will be hard and pointless by comparison.

? Plone is just switching to repoze.zope2
> and bits of zope.pipeline by itself. The kind of radical and backwards
> incompatible changes an application like Plone can do, give us much more
> flexibility here, compared to the more conservative approach a framework
> needs to have.

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