I have a couple of questions about "Zope 3" rather than Zope Toolkit,
as it seems not many people are using Zope 3 the application server.

I have been working on a project using Zope 3 (the app server ) for
nearly 8 months
. The project is not finished (other stuff keeps coming up which
distracts the group ) but it is a fair way along.

We are using Zope 3 pretty much as it comes from zopeproject, and
storm orm for a large part of the persistence layer (plus ZODB).

We decided to go down this path because we wanted the full security model
from zope3, and it seemed to harder to work with that pure model
within grok at the time. We use the zmi on and off just as a short cut
for quick and dirty object viewing,  but are building a completely
different UI based around YUI.

It seems from all the discussion of late that we might of chosen a
architectural dead end  (though I don't think so).

If someone where coming to the Zope party now and needed the full
blown security model and view mechanisms, and the zcml tied to that
model what would the choice be going forward?

repoze.bfg has pretty much gutted that model (which is fine as a
simpler model is definately required, I am planning to revisit bfg
with my zope on gae work)

grok sort of fell in a whole for us when we started the project as it
wasn't obvious how to go about doing the full security model etc...
(mainly I think because a lack
of docs etc... when we made our decision)

Any thoughts on this decision, direction that we have taken, and what
if could be the alternative if the Zope 3 app server itself withered?


Tim Hoffman
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