Am Montag 13 April 2009 16:33:02 schrieb Lennart Regebro:
> On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 12:49, Hermann Himmelbauer <> wrote:
> > I personally find it interesting that people are that fast with turning
> > around and killing off things. I personally based my decision for Zope 3
> > on Philipps book ("Web Compontent Development with Zope 3"), whereas the
> > latest edition came out just 1 year ago. I adapted the concepts in this
> > book to my needs (e.g. by using z3c-based packages) and it's now a viable
> > way for me and my projects.

Yes, that's certainly true. But it is probably quite unlikely that people step 
up to do so, in case key developers communicate "kill it off / declare it 
dead", instead of people pointing out that it's actually still used.

> > Moreover, I expect that there are many people like me, who started with
> > Zope 3 with Philipp's book, so, would we really want to - ummm - "declare
> > them dead"?
> It's extremely important to understand the differences between Zope 3,
> and Zope 3 technologies. The only thing that looks dead is Zope 3 as a
> big monolithic application server. Few people are interested in that.
> You seem to be. Hence the question: Who wants to maintain it. Do you?

Unfortunately, I'm not in the position to do so. (Lack of time, not enough 

>So far you are one of the few having any interest in
> Zope 3. Up until this thread, nobody showed any interest.

That's why I have spoken up. And I'd really wonder if I'm the only one.

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