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> Hi there,
> Is anyone interested in maintaining Zope 3?
> With Zope 3 I mean:
> * the thing with the ZMI - do you care about the ZMI?
> * the thing that can be installed as a particular development platform -
> do you care about the installation story for Zope 3? (as opposed to Grok
> or your own application's?)
> * the thing that has some kind of documentation website - do you care
> about providing documentation for Zope 3 as opposed to documentation for
> Grok or individual libraries?
> People who are interested in these aspects please speak up, so we can
> figure out what this all means for the future of Zope 3.
> If nobody is interested, we should perhaps stop talking about it
> entirely. If people are just interested in the ZMI, perhaps we should
> form a ZMI project.
> What I'm *not* talking about is:
> * maintaining, documenting and installing Grok.
> * maintaining and documenting any particular Zope Toolkit library
> (outside of those bits that do ZMI-stuff, those aren't supposed to be in
> the toolkit)
> We know people are interested in doing all that.

Does Zope Tookit support building a web application out of the box
without relying on Grok, Zope 2 or any other framework ?
(I am Ok to use a Buildout for building application from
 Zope Toolkit packages)

If the answer to this question is "No", then I am interested to maintain
the packages necessary to create a simple application out of the box.
This is just an academic interest :)

Baiju M
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