Albertas Agejevas wrote:
> You are using an interesting definition of "maintaining". 

This is why I spelled it out.

But yes, if you maintain an open source project, and you want it to work 
well, you need to take care about issues like maintaining its community, 
which means documentation and an installation story and attracting new 

I hadn't realized people use a more limited form of "maintaining"; if 
you want your open source project to work you need to maintain the 
community, otherwise eventually all existing users will have left it.

> While I'm
> not interested in documentation or maintaining the installation story
> on any platform, that is attracting new users, I'm very interested
> that existing applications that use the the zope.app server remain
> usable with future versions of Zope Toolkit libraries, or Zope 3 KGS
> if you will.  That's what I would call maintenance.

That's definitely part of maintenance too.

> I find it really bizarre how suddenly Zope 3 the app server has gone
> from new, better, up and coming, to nearly discontinued evolutionary
> dead end.

Well, perhaps because it wasn't maintained very well in my wider sense?

It was never my intention to make Zope 3 go away though. I'm only 
separating that bit that many of us care about quite independently from 
"Zope 3 the project". There was a lot of disagreement about what it 
really was about.



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