Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Martijn Faassen wrote at 2009-4-10 18:33 +0200:
>> Is anyone interested in maintaining Zope 3?
> You should leave a bit more time before you take any drastic actions...
> There are holidays, time of intensive other activity, .....

It'll take time before we all settle on a reasonable way of working, and 
before everybody has understood what the new way is.

That's what I'm trying to do: we're in the process of changing the way 
this community works. That takes time, but also continuous steps 
forward. We'll take a gradual path to drastic changes. :)

>> ...
>> * the thing that has some kind of documentation website - do you care 
>> about providing documentation for Zope 3 as opposed to documentation for 
>> Grok or individual libraries?
> I find ""; very helpful -- for Zope 2 users.
> I would not like to loose it....

Agreed. Nobody is proposing we lose it. It's also on 
- I wonder if there's a difference.

But Zope 3 needs more than just api documentation. api documentation is 
useful but not sufficient to support developers and users that aren't 
experienced already. It needs something like, telling 
people what Zope 3 is about, and how to start using it.

Concerning apidoc, I think we should explore how we could make apidoc 
work without as many dependencies as it pulls in now, though in its very 
nature it will have to pull in many. It might also be interesting to 
explore how we could use apidoc in a different way, where instead of 
supplying api docs for "full stack" system we can do it 
library-by-library. apidoc right now serves a dual purpose: API provide 
documentation for the libraries, and an introspector to look at the 
actual state of the system, whatever is installed..

We should also look about how we can make the individual libraries and 
apidoc stop talking about "Zope 3" where they do, and just reference the 
"Zope Toolkit" or not Zope at all.



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