Hi there,

Just so we don't lose track of who are interested in maintaining Zope 3 
(and/or the ZMI). I've distilled the following list of people who are 
interested in helping maintain Zope 3. This might mean making sure 
existing apps work, maintaining or replacing the ZMI, and working on 
making sure installation works. We can work out these details over time.

I've sorted it all more or less in the order of perceived commitment, 
based on my statements and wild guesses on my part, I might be 
completely wrong.

If you want to help, please reply to this thread and indicate your support.

I'd suggest if you want to help you talk to the people nearer to the top 
of the list. But what typically works better is for the people on this 
list to tell zope-dev what they're doing, and how others could help them 
with particular bits, on a regular basis.


Concerning the ZMI:

"For me, the ZMI is useful to managing local components, security 
settings, making views for ad hoc changes etc. I think it could be an 
optional package like grokui.admin. I'm interested in maintenance it."

I'll note that Yusei is planning to start work on rearranging the ZMI 
into a smaller set of packages (by moving code into "zmi.core") soon. 
Please help him if you're interested!

Fabio Tranchitella

"If the question was "who is interested in zope3, the application 
server, and willing to maintain it", I'd answer "me"."

Concerning the ZMI:

"We use the ZMI to manage applications, where applications are instances 
of a content object stored in the ZODB. All in all, we manage 
applications in a similar way we manage plone sites in zope2.x.

If this specific feature is going to be removed, I'm willing to support 
and maintain it."

Uli Fouquet

On a UI for installation of apps, possibly to be shared inside the Zope 
Toolkit: "I'd be willing to help"

He adds: "although I don't feel qualified enough to drive such a process."

Stephan Richter

"I have no problem keeping the Zope 3 KGS releases alive."

Concerning the ZMI: "I have not used the
ZMI since 2 years now and I am still considering myself writing Zope 3 

Concerning a documentation website for Zope 3: "I am not interested 
about that."

Albertas Agejevas

"I'm very interested that existing applications that use the the 
zope.app server remain usable with future versions of Zope Toolkit 
libraries, or Zope 3 KGS if you will."

He also adds: "I'm not interested in documentation or maintaining the 
installation story on any platform, that is attracting new users"

Roger Ineichen

"I'm willing to help to find a way to move the old code
parts to a newer and better concept."

Roger also says he's interested in maintaining the ZMI in some form or 
find something new to migrate to. "I will help to support such a Zope 
Toolkit management app which will allow to get rid of the zmi part."

I'm not sure what he means with "the old code"

He adds: "Note, I don't use this code in my own projects and I don't
propose to do that just for fun. But if someone proposes
to do it, I'm willing to help."

Baiju M

"I am interested to maintain
the packages necessary to create a simple application out of the box."

He adds: "This is just an academic interest  :)"



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