On 05/07/2009 Tres Seaver wrote:
> Jonas Meurer wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I just recognized that lots of utilities in zope2.12 still do have
> > python2.4 as interpreter while the release notes of zope2.12 talk about
> > python2.5 and python2.6 being the only supported python versions.
> True, but likely harmless:  anything installed via a "console script"
> entry point will have its shebang line rewritten to use whatver
> fully-qualified interpreter path is used to run 'setup.py'.
> I would be glad to check in a patch which changed them all, however ;)

I would be happy to provide a patch, but what exactly should I replace
python2.4 with?

The WHATSNEW document talks about both python2.5 and python2.6 being
supported. I think that using /usr/bin/python is not an option, as that
one might link to python3{.0/.1} in the future as well.

I see two solutions:

chose either python2.5 or python2.6 as prefered version and stick to
that one, or fix the build system to always set the python interpreter
for all scripts.

Even worse, at grepping for "env python" I found that two scripts still
have the python2.1 interpreter hardcoded:


some more stats:

27 scripts do have set an interpreter in their first line:

2 scripts with python2.1
9 scripts with python2.4
16 scripts with python (system default)

I would suggest to fix the build system (configure script) to set the
python interpreter to whatever is given as --with-python.


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