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>> One question, and I know I'm late in on this so feel free to point me at
>> previous discussions, but say the KGS uses some.egg 1.0.0, a bug gets fixed
>> in some.egg and 1.0.1 is released. Does a whole new KGS need to be cut or is
>> there some process for testing and supporting, says,
>> 1.0.0 <= some.egg < 1.1.0 ?
> The KGS should not support ranges IMO.  It should be updated as new
> versions are released. It should also be tagged when updated.


> We need to agree on the the process for updating the ZTK KGS.  Here's
> a rough sketch of what I think we need.

The outlined approach sounds good to me.  It will give us the
opportunity to run tests on all supported platforms before changes hit
the trunk of a particular package.

> - When a developer wants to update a project version, they check out
> the test branch, make a local version change and run the tests. If the
> tests pass the check the change into the test branch.

There is the minor concern that the test and trunk branches will get out
of sync.

> - We maintain windows and linux buildbots (or equivalent) against both
> the test branch and trunk for Python 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6.

I assume we'd have OS X buildbots as well (if someone will volunteer

> - When buildbot tests pass on all platforms and Python versions, we
> merge tested changes to the trunk.  Note that the buildbot output
> needs to record the svn revision # tested.

By "buildbot output" do you mean simply the fact that all tests passed
on all platforms?
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