Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> Well, either you use mkzopeinstance, which indeed generates an
> instance for you with all things included, or if you use buildout you
> use a recipe like plone.recipe.zope2instance, in which case all it
> takes is:
> [instance]
> recipe = plone.recipe.zope2instance
> eggs = Zope2
> user = admin:password
> http-address =

Yes, but this recipe is overly burdensome and unnecessary in its desire 
to spew out out. It's also obnoxious to have to manage your zope.conf 
through a limited set of config options to a recipe.

I wish there was something like zc.zodbrecipes for Zope 2...
...especially if it used deployments.

> The current buildout docs are aimed at people who know how to set up
> Zope2 and don't want any help. Those are comfortable reading ZConfig
> definition files.

...or the skeleton files that ship with the Zope 2 egg.



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