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Roberto Allende wrote:

> Regarding DTML... i wonder if it dtml purpose doesn't overlap with 
> tal/metal or even viewlets. If that's the case we wouldn't provide
> 'One-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it' and for non Dutch 
> newbies :P is kinda confusing because end up with situations like 
> 'you've to learn it but you won't use in-real-projects'.

You don't need to learn DTML at all to work with Zope2 these days,
unless you want to use ZSQL methods, which still rely on it for
generating dynamic SQL.  I haven't written a line of "new"
DTML-as-presentation-markup in Zope for about nine years now.

> So, wouldn't make sense to have DTML in an separated component and make 
> its use optional ?.

Its use is already optional.  There is relatively no cost to leaving it
in the core, and a substantial downside (useless backward-compatibility
breakage).  I'm fine with the goal of removing the *use* of DTML within
the ZMI as part of implementing a future-proofed replacement, but
totally against the idea of ripping it out of the core.

My opinion is also shaped by my experience of trying to break out the
pieces of Zope2 into separate eggs, like the Acquisition /
ExtensionClass / DateTime etc. eggs:  there is too much low-level
coupling of the DocumentTemplate code to other parts of the codebase to
make that easy, even assuming it were desirable.

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