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Roberto Allende <ro...@menttes.com> wrote:
> Regarding DTML... i wonder if it dtml purpose doesn't overlap with 
> tal/metal or even viewlets. If that's the case we wouldn't provide
> 'One-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it' and for non Dutch 
> newbies :P is kinda confusing because end up with situations like 
> 'you've to learn it but you won't use in-real-projects'.
> So, wouldn't make sense to have DTML in an separated component and make 
> its use optional ?.

DTML is still very useful if we make non-xml stuff like SQL, CSS, JavaScript
etc. And I have used it in many real projects for about 7 years. If there is
something(online document?) which make new users confused, it would be better
to fix it. ZPT is useful to generate xml/html documents, DTML is useful to
generate non-xml documents.

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