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Charlie Clark wrote:

> thanks for the information. I'm a little confused by the narrative - is  
> Plone 4.0 being held back by a Zope 2 release? As I don't use Plone I  
> don't care about its release status and I don't think it should drive  
> Zope's release status. Maybe that's what you were saying and I didn't  
> understand it correctly.

Some clarifications:

- - Plone doesn't "drive" the Zope2 release schedule, but we have often
  been willing (as with CMF) to push out releases because the Plone devs
  request them.

- - Plone 4.0 is going to releaase with Zope 2.12.<latest> as its
  "supported" version of Zope2.

- - The Plone framework team appears willing to be more aggressive (than
  the were for the 3.x line) about tracking newer Zope2 releases (i.e.,
  Zope 2.13) in a 4.x release.

- - Hanno has already done the work to ensure that CMF (latest and trunk)
  and Plone (4.0.x and 4.x) will work with a Zope 2.13.

On the whole, I would actually favor getting a 2.13.0 out even sooner
than Hanno suggests, to get it used (and therefore more polished)
sooner.  With the post-eggification reduction in Zope2's scope, I think
a six month cycle for major releases  would be a good target to aim at,
rather than a year.

> I'm also a little confused that your discussions  
> have been with the "community" but not on this list. Not that this list  
> should be the channel for all the discussions (it in its own way is as  
> exclusive as many other channels).

Some of those discussions have been in IRC, or private e-mail, or on
other lists (e.g., the plone-dev list).

> For the rest - deprecating zope.app on its own is probably a sufficiently  
> large change to warrant a new point release which will hopefully tie into  
> KGS. The same is true for five. Support for Python 2.7 would be great if  
> doable (again not clear) and bumping the ZODB version. So the scope and  
> schedule for the release is fine with me. We might want to add some of the  
> issues to the weekly IRC meetings.

I don't see much to discuss:  landing all that stuff *is* going to
trigger the new point release, and none of that is going to be
backported to 2.12.

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