Tres Seaver wrote:
> Binary search is your friend:
> - - Is it only one of the ZPTs which cause the crash?

Dunno this yet, will try and find out...

> - - Can you trim out parts of its content and make it not crash?

Yep, if I leave the ZPTs out, it's fine ;-)

> Also, you might try exporting to XML and looking at the XML file for
> oddities (mojibake, etc.)


> You might try to open the imported folder under 'zopectl debug' and see
> if you can examine the contents of the ZPTs. 

Yep, that worked.

> If that works, then the
> issue must be in how 'manage_main' is trying to render the links /
> titles of the templates.

I can render manage_main under zopectl debug with a Test.makerequest'd 
app and a newSecurityManager(None,app.acl_users.getUserById('chris')) :-/

Again, "wtf?!"

It's the sudden death I have issue with, not a peep of logging anywhere...


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