Hi All,

So, here the story; I have a zodb that's been around for many years.
In it, it has a folder containing a few ZPTs and python scripts.

This server is now running Zope 2.12.

If I zexp export that folder and import into a clean 2.12 instance, the 
import works fine, but when I try to go to the folder in the ZMI, Zope 
dies immediately. No messages, no errors, no output.

If I delete the ZPTs before the export and import, everything is okay.

I can browse the folder and ZPTs fine on the originating server, even 
after the 2.12 upgrade.

I'm left with a vague "wtf?!" feeling.
Does anyone have any clue what the problem might be or how I can get any 
kind of output or error message when it does happen?


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