Laurence Rowe wrote:
>> architecture i386):     Mach-O executable i386
> This is telling you that the executable contains versions for ppc and
> i386 (no x86_64, so no 64bit version). Another way to confirm this is
> at the python prompt with: import sys; sys.maxint

That's annoying, I was hoping it'd be a 32-bit versus 64-bit problem.

>> Nonetheless, why would a .zexp on a 32-bit architecture and import on
>> 64-bit cause sudden crash death when viewing /manage_main of a an
>> imported folder containing Page Templates?!
>> Still in "wtf?!" mode...
> Your best bet is adding the breakpoint and stepping through with pdb
> until you hit the error (you can usually just hold down the return key
> after the first step...)

Thankfully, I don't deploy in production on Mac OS X so, for now, it's a 
case of "don't do that" :-(

If anyone wants to inspect the .zexp and see if they can figure out 
what's making it go pop, lemme know and I'll try and get one together 
that is small enough that I can let it out to play...


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