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Chris Withers wrote:
> Hi All,
> So, here the story; I have a zodb that's been around for many years.
> In it, it has a folder containing a few ZPTs and python scripts.
> This server is now running Zope 2.12.
> If I zexp export that folder and import into a clean 2.12 instance, the 
> import works fine, but when I try to go to the folder in the ZMI, Zope 
> dies immediately. No messages, no errors, no output.
> If I delete the ZPTs before the export and import, everything is okay.
> I can browse the folder and ZPTs fine on the originating server, even 
> after the 2.12 upgrade.
> I'm left with a vague "wtf?!" feeling.
> Does anyone have any clue what the problem might be or how I can get any 
> kind of output or error message when it does happen?

Binary search is your friend:

- - Is it only one of the ZPTs which cause the crash?

- - Can you trim out parts of its content and make it not crash?

- - etc.

Also, you might try exporting to XML and looking at the XML file for
oddities (mojibake, etc.)

You might try to open the imported folder under 'zopectl debug' and see
if you can examine the contents of the ZPTs.  If that works, then the
issue must be in how 'manage_main' is trying to render the links /
titles of the templates.

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