Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 2:53 PM, yuppie<y.2...@wcm-solutions.de>  wrote:
>> Using CMF 2.2 for Plone 4.1 means we have to maintain CMF 2.2 for a long
>> time and Zope 2.12 is the primary platform for CMF 2.2. So if you really
>> want stop maintaining Zope 2.12 soon: Wouldn't it be better to release
>> CMF 2.3 in time for Plone 4.1?
> Plone 4.1 is long past the implementation deadline for new code. We
> would have had to have a CMF 2.3 beta release by late October to use
> it in Plone 4.1.

Off-topic on this list, but for the record: Most CMF 2.3 changes are in 
code that is not used by Plone. AFAICS the only changes that might 
affect Plone are the SyndicationTool modifications. But those 
modifications are anyway not in a releasable state because they cause at 
least some BBB issues. If that's the reason why Plone 4.1 can't use CMF 
2.3, I'd vote for backing out those changes.

> But if we get a CMF 2.3 release in the next couple months, we can get
> it into Plone 4.2, which should be out sometime at the end of this
> year. In Plone we only support one minor feature release (4.x) at the
> same time, so as soon as 4.2.0 is released maintenance of 4.0.x and
> 4.1.x ends.

So what is the plan?

Maintenance for Zope 2.12, CMF 2.2 and Plone 4.1 ends simultaneously at 
the end of this year?

Or end Zope 2.12 maintenance earlier and make CMF 2.2 releases for an 
unmaintained platform? Or drop support for the major target platform 
between CMF 2.2.x and 2.2.y?


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