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> On 2012-8-18 10:39, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
>> Hi Hanno,
>> Legally this must be a fork then and I'm not sure it can be released as 
>> official Zope Foundation software anymore if you make releases from GitHub.
> Doesn't the name zc.buildout imply that it is a Zope Corp project instead of 
> a Zope Foundation one? The author has also never been listed as the 
> foundation but Jim personally, which seems to imply zc.buildout never was 
> Zope Foundation-owned software.

Hi Wichert,

Clearly, Jim is the "father" of that software and it has been developed in 
large part for Zope Corporation, hence the name "zc.buildout". However, that's 
not all there is to "ownership" of code on svn.zope.org.

If you read the contributor agreements[1] all committers to svn.zope.org 
signed, submitting code to svn.zope.org also meant you entered into a legal 
agreement with the Zope Foundation regarding that code. Code submitted to 
svn.zope.org is from that moment on half-owned by the Zope Foundation. That 
means you cannot unilaterally just declare code removed from svn.zope.org, 
which is my point about the last checkin to the zc.buildout package. Everyone 
is free to fork code. But removing stuff from svn.zope.org requires approval 
from you as the original owner *and* the ZF as legal co-owner of anything 
stored on svn.zope.org.

Caveat: I'm not a lawyer, that's just how I interpret the contributor agreement.


[1] http://foundation.zope.org/agreements/ZopeFoundation_Committer_Agreement

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