I experminted some time with PAS and made some progress
but now I'm at a point where I don't get further. I must admit that
I don't fully understand the involved processes regarding to
authentication and userfolders.
I studied some of the plugins code and read the mini-howto that was
already referenced at this list.
What I want to to:
1. authentication data from session (or request, initially)
2. form based login (customized, not simply the challenge-plugin)
3. authorization through python scripts using ZSQL methods (or external scripts)
4. handing over the whole thing to the next (up) level user folder, if there is 
    user found
What are the required plugins/interfaces that have to be used?
Which interfaces do I have for the python scripts if I do all, or most inside
of scriptable plugin?
How do I create a user object inside the scripts, if necessary?
And the most important: how do I avoid interfering the pas userfolder with the
management interface? Most always I lock out myself when trying something.
Maybe someone may help me, also off list. I will publish a document that 
a solution for my problem to extend the help that is already existant in the 
Many thanks in advance.
Frank Tegtmeyer
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