Frank Tegtmeyer wrote:

Either of you guys tried SimpleUserFolder?

Yes, I tried. The showstopper for me was the question how to
force a form based login.

What do you mean by "force form based login"? SUF + CookieCrumbler is usually how I do this...

As far as I remember also getting the
credentials from the session was not clear to me but I don't
remember that very well.

What session are you referring to? What credentials are you referring to?

That would be wonderful.

Please mail me off-list from the address you'd like to receive the distro to :-)

One question remains: PAS seems to become "the standard" for authentication,

Really? It doesn't seem to be used too much from my perspective, which is a pity :-S

will SUF be there (and compatible) for upcoming Zope releases
(at least the 2.x line)?

I use it all over the place, so yes :-)

How can I get the new release of SUF?

Sadly, by email is currently the only way, since still sucks and I haven't hada chance to put a products section on :-(



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